What is DotChord?


DotChord is a C# implementation of Chord. This is an Iterative Routing Algorithm (with the unfortunate abbreviation of IRA) and Distributed Hash Table (DHT, famous thanks to BitTorrent's use of the Kademlia DHT).

An IRA allows a large number of nodes to efficiently look each other up on a distributed network. The neat thing about them is that they scale: on a network with n nodes, they can do a lookup in log(n) hops.

This means a network can have tens or hundreds of millions of nodes and still only take 30-40 hops to traverse. This takes in the order of tens of seconds.

A DHT is built on an IRA: it provides key-value stores for nodes on the network.

DotChord has a few major differences with existing DHT implementations. Some of them are:

How complete is DotChord?

It's still in the alpha stage. While it may provide some partial functionality, it certainly isn't ready for any mass deployment. Check back again in the future.


Where can I contact you?

Please send me an email at any time for any reason!

Is there a bootstrap for testing?

Yes. It's at